Everything you need to know

Who is delivering this project?

Shearer Property Regen Limited (which is an entity bringing together Shearer Property Group and The Hill Group), is the developer working in partnership with Coventry City Council and supported by funding from the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA).

Do the council support your vision?

We are working in partnership with Coventry City Council and supported by funding from the West Midlands Combined Authority and the City Council on these proposals for Coventry City Centre.

How many homes will the scheme deliver?

The s73 Application proposes increasing the total number of homes from up to 1,500 to 1,575 homes.

When will the scheme details be available?

A reserved matters application for Phase 1 was submitted at the beginning of December 2023 which provides details of the building designs including the elevations, floor plans, landscaping and strategy for existing and new public art. The buildings in the Phase 1 are Block A1, Block A2, Block B, Block C and Block E (The Pavilion Buildings). The reserved matters application was approved on 4th March 2024. 

A reserved matters application for Phase 2 (Block D) will be submitted in due course. 

How many homes are you proposing in this first phase?

The first phases comprises Blocks A1, A2, Block B, Block C and Block E and will deliver 991 homes with a range of one, two and three bed apartments and c.8,000sqm of commercial floorspace. There will be a range of tenures including private for sale, private for rent and affordable homes.

Are you providing affordable housing?

Yes, 200 of the homes in Phase 1 will be affordable homes and will be both social rent and shared ownership tenures. These will be the first homes delivered across the site.

Are you demolishing any listed buildings?

No. There are a number of listed buildings around the edge of the site but we are not planning on demolishing any buildings that have been given listed status by Historic England. Listed building consent has been approved for some minor works to Coventry Retail Market and the relocation of the Three Tuns Mural.

Will these businesses be relocated or rehoused in the new scheme?

The Council has published a range of information for businesses and property owners affect by the scheme on its website https://www.coventry.gov.uk/ccsbusinessinfo. We encourage any local businesses within the red line who have not yet got in contact with the Council to make contact via this website address.

How are you working with Coventry Retail Market?

The market is one of our most important neighbours and whose traders symbolise the rich cultural diversity this city has to offer. We commit to working with the market and support its trading environment, including during the construction of City Centre South. We will also provide a new, dedicated servicing yard beneath Block A1 for 12 vehicles of different sizes, review options for direct servicing access into the market, put up hoarding to advertise the market remaining open during demolition and construction, and ensure there is no loss of servicing space during demolition and construction.

What is the build programme?

The scheme will involve a building programme of nearly 10 years. The first phase will be demolition, which will require a little over a year. Demolition will take place from the south-west and north-east corners of the site – meeting in the middle. We will also be putting up hoarding to secure the site during construction which will be monitored by security, which will help minimise the impacts on neighbouring areas.