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We want to create a city centre which is fit for purpose and will stand the test of time. To do this, we need to create a flexible, easily adaptable space that can evolve with the community, responding to people’s needs and remaining relevant.

The site is located in the southern part of the city centre and comprises 6.4 hectares / 15 acres (the equivalent of 9 football pitches), including Bull Yard, Shelton Square, Market Way, City Arcade and Hertford Street.
Indicative views
New homes
Up to 1,300 new homes

A variety of new retail units for a modern shopping experience

New leisure facilities, which could include a cinema, cafés, bars, restaurants and spaces for competitive socialising

Up to 150 new hotel beds

Public realm
20,000 square metres of welcoming and accessible landscaped public spaces and routes through the city centre

Community uses
Social infrastructure, for instance a large medical centre, which accommodates the needs of the wider population

Wider economic and social benefits
There will be 1,100-1,400 new jobs for local people, with up to 620 additional construction jobs created throughout the duration of the project

The Pavilion Building

The Pavilion will be a landmark at the heart of the new public space. It will feature a dynamic variety of pop-up retail and leisure providers. The flexible space will allow the mix of offers to change and evolve to promote new local independent initiatives and artisans. The building will also provide space for public events throughout the year as well as interactive community activities.
This diagram, created for the early outline planning stage, provides a guide to possible building heights and parameters.
Indicative views

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