Understanding the
context and heritage

The site is at the heart of the city
It offers the most significant and timely opportunity for regeneration and investment in the city centre for decades.

A modern city centre

COVID-19 has demonstrated the strength and importance of our neighbourhoods and communities. It has sparked a change in people’s mindsets about how they want to use their town and city centres in a post-pandemic world.

We know that the current city centre is no longer in tune with modern consumer habits or the way in which people want to use cities. The dominance of retail has led to very few people living within the core of the city centre and it is difficult to navigate through as a pedestrian. Our proposals seek to remedy this.

The images below explain how the masterplan will improve pedestrian routes and create better links with the rest of the city centre.

Existing city centre layout

  • Restricted pedestrian flow
  • Obscured sight lines
  • Confusing - Poor signage and wayfinding
  • Poor quality environment with a lack of green spaces
  • Limited connectivity with the University

Proposed city centre layout

  • Reinforce the urban grain
  • Connecting different parts of the city
  • Large legible city blocks, set around open and wide walkways
  • Flexible spaces that can evolve with the needs of the city
Our Vision

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